A Restorative and Growth Community
for HR Practitioners

We provide opportunities for HR to evolve into the practitioner your organization needs.
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Our Two-Area Focused Approached

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We believe the workplace has created years of build up of pollution to a professional. Our restorative services integrate Medical Qigong Therapy treatments to cleanse the energetic body and then rebuild. The restorative process instills a newfound clarity empowering the HR practitioner to be a true strategic partner to their organization. 
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We believe that development for HR needs to be a blend of inner discovery, intuitive skill development as well as education on foundational HR knowledge.

Why HR?

HR is the great strategic caretaker of an organization’s energetic body, that includes the culture, the people. HR serves as the great balance to operations and the strategic vision, that only considers the organization’s physical and a tad of the spiritual body. HR also strengthens leadership and management at all levels because not only do they care for the organization’s energetic body but they care for their individual energetic bodies as well. In order for HR to serve in this capacity they need to be cared for. They need to grow in their own ability to deliver and fill the void of what has been missing. 
Compassion and transparency. This course became more than surface level! It broke down leadership into multi-level tiers of goals. I feel more patient--my heart grew twelve times from this class!

Leadership Ideology Alumni

Feeling the information was very timely and fitting for my current scenario. It helped me vent and come to realizations with myself and my style as a leader. Thank you to Samm for all your help. You were a great instructor!

Leadership Ideology

Our Design

Four Ways of Knowing

Our courses integrate a collaborative inquiry research methodology. This comes alive as a social learning component where learners are asked to explore their experiences through Heron and Reasons 4 ways of knowing: experiential, presentational, propositional and practical.

Your Three Bodies

The Three Treasures of Qigong are Jing (essence), Qi (energy), and Shen (spirit). The name “Treasure” describes your internal resources as precious jewels that should be guarded and taken care of. At their core, they make up who you are as an individual. They give you life and shape the answers to three questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What do I want?

Limbic Brain

As Simon Sinek explains, "This part of the brain is responsible for our behavior and decision making. It's also responsible for our feelings, like trust and loyalty. But it has no capacity for language. This is where gut feelings come from. It's not our stomach. It's a feeling we get about a decision we have to make that we struggle to explain." 

Our Courses

Team Training

Are you interested in offering a course exclusively for your team's development? Let's chat about where your team is today and how we could best support their growth.
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Our Community Commitments

  1. We are an advocate for the HR benefit in business, believing that it must be present.
  2. We believe engagement is a vital cultural component that must be alive and well in all employees, but it begins with HR
  3. We believe the leadership and cultivation of people is an artform, this is a medium that must be mastered individually.
  4. We believe in evolving the narrative to create a Connected Vision, one that embraces a partnership with people.
  5. We believe in strengthening and developing intuitive and healing skill sets in the workplace. 

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